D330x500 Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD)

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The New Way. The Proven Way. When it comes to horizontal directional drilling, Vermeer leads the industry with more drills at work around the world than any other manufacturer. Our full line of jumbo drills turns heads when it comes to production, quality, and reliability.

The all-new Vermeer D330x500 NAVIGATOR HDD is no exception.

With 50,000 ft-lbs of rotational torque for drilling in difficult ground formations and turning large back reamers, and 330,000 pounds of thrust/pullback force, the D330x500 packs an impressive amount of muscle for those long and large-diameter drilling projects

  • Improves productivity through a climate-controlled two-person cab that features 360° visibility, a state-of-the-art operator’s station and fingertip controls on the electronic joysticks.
  • Increases manpower efficiency, because drilling controls, fluid controls, transport and crane can all be controlled from a single person in the cab.
  • Muscles through difficult ground formations with higher torque than other models.



fuel-efficient engine

300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

Common CAN controls

Efficient operator’s station

Enhanced carriage speed

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