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Landscaping Equipment Suppliers in WA & NT

Vermeer offers a range of productivity solutions for landscapers, fencers, property maintenance contractors, and more. Compact yet powerful, and designed with ease-of-use in mind, we can help take the backache out of your day and help you get the job done faster.

Whether you’re a landscaper, builder, fencer, or property maintenance contractor, Vermeer WA & NT offers landscaping equipment hire, with solutions designed to make a positive impact on productivity, ease of use, and ultimately your business’s bottom line. We prioritise your needs. From handover, training, and ongoing support, our team is here to ensure your equipment is working for you. 

Whether you’re hiring or buying – here’s how our landscaping equipment can change the way you operate.

With job-site environments forever changing, the kinds of tools you need are changing too. These days it’s not just about taking the back-ache out of a task, it’s about ensuring compliance with industry standards, the ever shifting expectation of clients, and creating a more efficient process for you and your team. Our range of skid steers and trenchers celebrate compact, low footprint, and on-site versatility. More power, combined with less weight and smaller dimensions, equals the Vermeer landscaping equipment solution. No matter your job-site conditions, our versatile range of equipment is designed to give you maximum hours on the job decreasing machine downtime and pushing up productivity. 

We offer a range of tracked landscaping equipment for hire or purchase. Our equipment can be used on tight job-sites –  and with a low footprint, your jobs can be completed safely without any damage to the surrounding environment. Light and versatile is the focus with our range of skid-steers and trenchers, not compromising on durability or manoeuvrability. 

We understand that not everyone has the same experience running machinery. For small contracting firms, family businesses, and hire yards, training crew in the use of the machine is a necessity. With Vermeer’s range of landscaping equipment, user-friendly tools are provided, with easy access to controls and intuitive handling, our landscaping equipment is both accessible and easy to run. 

As a contractor or landscaping equipment hire specialist, having equipment that is easily maintained is a priority. At Vermeer WA & NT, our landscaping equipment range is designed with durability as a focus. Our servicing schemes can support you in conducting routine and preventative maintenance wherever necessary. Plus, with convenient access to all maintenance points, you can have peace of mind when it comes to fixing issues on the job.

When you invest in new equipment with Vermeer WA & NT you are gaining access to a wide-ranging support network that assists in training, upkeep, and maintenance. Whether you’re adding new equipment to your fleet or starting out, knowing you are supported by your supplier can make all the difference with your new equipment.

Reach out to the Vermeer WA & NT Sales team for any questions you have about our landscaping equipment hire options. We’re happy to help and find a durable solution that works for you.